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Missing Tooth Implants in Oakville

Dental implants are a permanent solution to fixing your smile. After we install them, they’ll be as reliable and natural-feeling as your real teeth and will enhance your speaking, eating, and confidence. The caring staff at Oakview Dental Group has years of experience helping people improve their teeth with dental implants. After getting dental implants, most patients have the tools and confidence to live a healthier lifestyle. They work by affixing the implants to titanium rods inserted in the bone beneath the gums for a strong and secure anchor. While this may sound slightly daunting, we administer anesthetics to keep the process comfortable and effortless on your part. Call Oakview Dental Group today to schedule an appointment to talk to our helpful staff about dental implants.

Tooth Implant, Artificial Teeth, Dental Implantation

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dental implants are a wildly popular replacement for missing teeth due to their reliability, safety, and efficiency. If you are missing teeth or have sizable gaps in your smile, your self-confidence isn’t the only thing that suffers. When you leave gaps in your teeth for too long, other teeth can shift into the missing places, causing discomfort and serious complications later on. The longer you wait to come in and get work done on repairing your smile, the more complicated the problems can become. Dental implants are permanent fixes to this issue and function just like real teeth. After a slight adjustment period, you’ll be able to use them to function just like your real teeth.

How Else Can Dental Implants Benefit Me?

Because dental implants are sturdy, permanent installations in your mouth, there are plenty of great reasons to have the team at Oakview Dental Group help you with yours. After we strongly secure them in your mouth, they will last for years with proper care and attention. They’re not just for improving your looks, either. They offer a powerful solution to fixing your speech and eating techniques. If you’re tired of removable dentures or other nonpermanent methods of fixing the gaps in your teeth, consider dental implants by Oakview Dental Group. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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