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Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Call Us Today!

Wisdom teeth can come in at all sorts of angles, causing problems for your existing teeth as they shift and adapt to make room. Our surgeons have years of experience adjusting, fixing, and repairing all types of dental issues. An aspect that almost everyone runs into is dealing with awkward wisdom teeth. Around the age of 18, most people have their wisdom teeth coming in. It’s important to schedule an appointment with Oakview Dental Group so we can get a better look and understanding of your wisdom teeth situation. If we determine they need removal, we’ll discuss your options for that process. It’s vital to get ahead of them so they don’t cause any severe oral health issues. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Wisdom tooth with impaction at molar tooth

Why Is Removal Important?

Because wisdom teeth are the last to erupt through the gums and develop in your mouth, most people have already had work done on their teeth by that time. Whether you’ve had braces or other alignment cosmetic procedures, that can be undone by incoming wisdom teeth. Not all wisdom teeth come in impacted or sideways, but when they do, it’s extremely important to remove them to avoid future damage. Not only do they shift your existing teeth around, but due to them pushing their way in, they leave dangerous spaces for bacteria to grow. This bacteria can manifest into infections, stiffness, swelling, and illness. In the most extreme cases, untreated impacted wisdom teeth can create tumors and cysts, destroying the jawbone and healthy teeth. We don’t share this information to scare you, but to keep you informed. The best way to deal with incoming wisdom teeth is to have the team at Oakview Dental Group look at yours to determine the best course of action.

Come In for an Examination Today

After conducting an in-depth oral examination, we will predict if you are at-risk for wisdom teeth complications. It’s important to stay ahead of it with yearly checkups throughout your adolescence so we can accurately predict their trajectory. Contact our Oakville office today to schedule an appointment.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment